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Application Libre pour le Contrôle d'Accès Sécurisé et Authentifié au Réseau
ALCASAR is an open source Network Access Controller (N.A.C.).
Simple to deploy and to manage, it controls, protects and imputes the access of an Internet consultation network.

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ALCASAR is a free Internet Access Controller for private or public consultation networks. It authenticates and protects users' access regardless their connected equipment (PC, smartphone, game console, TV sets, etc.).

It includes several filtering systems complying private needs (parental control, filtering of connected objects) or public needs (schools, vacation centers, companies, libraries, etc.). In France, ALCASAR allows people in charge of consultation network to meet the law.

Beyond these aspects, ALCASAR is used as a teaching aid for networks security training courses ('security of networks', 'control with legal and ethical aspects').

ALCASAR is an independent and free project (GPLv3). The developer team is managed by Richard Rey (rexy) and Franck Bouijoux (3abtux). This "ALCASAR team" consists of "senior" developers (Pascal Levant "angel95" and Stéphane Weber "steweb"), "junior" developers, technic hotliners, writers and testers identifiable on the forum.

If you want to contribute or simply thank the project team, go to the "contribution" section.

ALCASAR uses the following "open sources" softwares
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