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Application Libre pour le Contrôle d'Accès Sécurisé et Authentifié au Réseau
ALCASAR is an open source Network Access Controller (N.A.C.).
Simple to deploy and to manage, it controls, protects and imputes the access of an Internet consultation network.

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ALCASAR is also an French non-profit association created to federate the project members and to promote the open-source software.
So, you can contribute to the project in different ways :
  • Promote the project if you are happy to use it ;
  • give your help on the forum by answering questions from other users ;
  • suggest a technical evolution. You can see current evolution on the collaborative project server ( ;
  • join the association or make a donation.

The incoming founds allow to :
  • pay the servers hosting (WEB and development) ;
  • pay the domain name "" and the security certificates ;
  • thank the contributors (goodies, beers, pizzas).

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