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Application Libre pour le Contrôle d'Accès Sécurisé et Authentifié au Réseau
ALCASAR is an open source Network Access Controller (N.A.C.).
Simple to deploy and to manage, it controls, protects and imputes the access of an Internet consultation network.

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This WEB page shows the evolutions which are in progress.
Only those that are considered as finished will be integrated into the next release (V3.2).
You can see current evolutions on the collaborative project server (

  • Bugs
  • Documentation :
    • Technical Doc
      permanently updated (ALCASAR team)
  • Core :
    • Compatibility 802.1x (tls)
      90% (Rexy + ESIEA students)
    • Switch "apache" with "lighttpd"
      100% (Lucas)
    • Switch "DnsMasq" with "Unbound"
      10% (Lucas)

    • Switch "Dansguardian" with "E2guardian"
      50% (Armand)
    • Study for a synchro system for several ALCASAR (central ALCASAR + children) : cf .
      10% (Tom Houdayer)
    • Improve the link aggregation system (several broaband routers) balancing by users
    • Managing WIFI NIC & VLAN
      15% (Rexy)
    • Remote supervision with an OCS agent (GLPI)
      50% (3abtux)
    • Installation of a WAF for the user forms and ACC (nginx + naxsi ?)
    • Creation of a default group. Link the A.D. groups with ALCASAR groups
      0% (3abtux)
    • Add an attribute : "Max download" by day|week|month
      99% (Rexy/Tom)
    • Change the managing system of specific filters (antivirus, bl, wl, network filters)
      99% (Tom)

  • Graphical interface (ACC) :
    • Creation of a response and customized template
    • Send the log file by mel (or ssh)
      0% (3abtux)
    • Allow ALCASAR update via ACC
      50% (Rexy)
    • Finish ACC Look & Fel (stat + imputability reportl)
      0% (ESIEA studants)

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