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Application Libre pour le Contrôle d'Accès Sécurisé et Authentifié au Réseau
ALCASAR is an open source project of access control portal to Internet for opened consultation networks.
Simple to deploy and to manage, it controls, protects and imputes the access of a consultation network.

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ALCASAR is a free access control portal to Internet for opened consultation networks. It authenticates, attributes and protects users' access regardless their connected equipments. ALCASAR includes network filtering mechanisms permitting to meet various needs of organizations (companies, recreation centers, schools...). In France, it allows managers of internet consultation network to respect legal obligations. Beyond these aspects, ALCASAR is used as a teaching aid for networks security training courses.

ALCASAR is positioned between the consultation network and the ISP box. It is based on about twenty free softwares in order to constitute an authenticating secure captive portal. All theses softwares are included in a standard PC. This portal is completely independant both from equipments provided by the ISP and from consultation network technologies (WIFI, PLC, Ethernet, etc.). An installation and update procedure has been created in order to be able to deploy it easily.

ALCASAR is an independant and free project, currently managed by Richard Rey (rexy) and Franck Bouijoux (3abtux). The main contributions are the work of the "senior" developers Pascal Levant (angel95) and Stéphane Weber. As time goes by, the project monitoring team densified ("junior" developpers, technic hotliners, writers and testers). Some occasional contributors, identifiable on the forum complete the team.

The complete documentation of this project is available in the "download" section of this WEB site.

ALCASAR is under GPLV3 license.

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